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October 30, 2020 2 min read

2020 has been a different year to say the least.  People are travelling less, and updating their home spaces where they are spending more and more time.

With the advancement of quality products used to make more weather resistant materials, patio furniture (or All Weather Living Products) look nice longer, are comfortable and do not look as weathered over time.  With this advancement, home & business owners are able to use their outdoor spaces more, and feel comfortable outside.

This is where Wicker Land Patio can help you.  When shopping at any of our locations, our friendly staff help choose upholstery fabric and frame options that best compliment your properties aesthetic appeal; colours, styles, modern, traditional, transitional and more...

A common theme in some new build properties is open concept, and that concept extends through the living area.  A clean fresh kitchen, cosy sitting area are often accompanied with a view direct to the home's outdoor living space.  You can easily complement your desired look, with outdoor furniture that will make the transition from inside to outside seamless.

Investing in your outdoor space is important, spending more time enjoying the outdoors as you would inside.  People are installing TV's, fire features and heaters to allow the season to be extended.  

Wicker Land Patio is always searching for the newest and best idea's in outdoor living.  Measure your space, allow room for walk through, BBQ and cooking area's and install comfortable furniture items that compliment the space.  Bring samples to our showrooms; paint, tile, flooring, indoor furniture, fixtures.  We will help you with frame, fabric, measurements, and more.

Here are a some items that will be extremely popular for the 2021 season.

Patio Heaters - this patio heater is the Aura Carbon Fiber 1500W.  It is plug and play and can be installed easily.  Simply plug it in, but batteries in the remote and you will be amazed and the heat generated.

Fire Table - The Urban fire table lineup has been very popular, with clean lines and low profile.  Install with natural gas or propane, easy setup right out of the box.  Fire table's are a popular option to replace coffee tables.  Bring more function to your space. 

Day Bed - a day bed is a beautiful intriguing option to add something original and relaxing to your area.  With a canopy that adds a element of shade, you can take a nap, read, meditate or just relax with someone close to you in the comfort of some nice weather.

Here is a new day bed that will be available for 2021 by Ratana.  The Genval:

The Classic Adirondack Chair - The classic Adirondack is durable, simple & comfortable.  Perfect idea to add a little colour, or blend with earth tones that are already a part of your look.  C.R. Plastic Products is proudly manufactured in Canada, and they use recycled materials to produce quality products, instead of that material going to waste.

Make your space more relaxing, comfortable and functional.  We look forward to seeing you at Wicker Land Patio!