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September 27, 2020 2 min read

Wicker Land Patio has always been a destination location for high quality custom or in stock All Weather Patio Furniture, accessories and more!  Over the past few years, BBQ's, smokers and oven's have become popular for our client's outdoor living spaces, and we have slowly integrated a section of our unique and wonderful showrooms with a selection of these great products.  As interest began to grow, we established BBQ Land, a store within a store.  BBQ Land will continue working alongside Wicker Land Patio's tradition of excellence in customer service and product knowledge, and we strive to give client's the best retail experience available.  As we transition to giving our customers more options for BBQ, as well as their existing options for high quality outdoor living products, we have opened an online shopping store making it easy to purchase from the comfort of your home with easy shipping, delivery and pickup solutions.  Check out our new store here at

Our products include but are not limited to the following great brands!

  • Traeger, Weber, Big Green Egg, OONI, Saber and more BBQ's, smokers and ovens.
  • Meat Church, Lane's, Code 3, Blues Hog, Fire & Smoke Society, Big Green Egg, Traeger, Motley Que, Alberta Steak Spice and much more spices, rubs and BBQ sauces.
  • Hardwood Pellets and lump charcoal for your BBQ fuel from Traeger, Weber, Big Green Egg, Natures Own, Nutrigrill, FOGO, Jealous Devil, Furtado Farms, Lumberjack and more!
  • Excellent BBQ and cooking accessories from Route 83 Knvies, Thermoworks, A-MAZE-N smoker products and more

Tell your friends, tell your family and come on down for the first or next time as we are excited to continue giving our communities in Calgary Alberta and Kelowna and Victoria British Columbia an awesome assortment of products that are interesting, useful and awesome!

If you like our BBQ Locations, please share on social media below.  It helps us grow, and we are a local business in you community!