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Wood-fired Oven Shelf Marinara (Wood Fired)


Make authentic wood fired pizza and authentic Italian inspired cuisine with the right tools for the job.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping for your new pizza oven side shelf. *wood fired only

About Wood-fired Oven Shelf

Ever wish you had more space on the side of your Fontana Forni wood-fired* oven? This easy to install side shelf makes adding workspace to your wood-fired oven incredibly simple. Slotted hooks allow you to simply slide the shelf into either side of the cart and your ready to go. Their sizes are as follows:

Margherita = 13"W x 31"D 
Mangiafuoco = 13"W x 31"D 
Marinara = 13"W x 42"D 

*The wood-fired oven side shelf is not compatible with our gas-fired ovens.