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Umbrella Half Base 40Lb 13x22


Umbrellas Base that is made for a half umbrella. This item is not meant to be used with a regular umbrella.

Product Info

  • 40 lbs
  • Anti rust primer
  • Designed for 772 half wall umbrella
  • Protective rubber feet
  • 24” base tube available for commercial use


  • 040SQ - Used with half wall umbrella 13 x 22


Q  What size base is recommended to free stand umbrella?
A  Galtech recommends a 75 lb. minimum base for all free standing application.

Q  Why is the 040SQ base rectangular with the tube at the edge of the base?
A  The 40lb base is designed for half wall umbrellas. It can be placed flush up against a wall.

Q  How is the tube attached to the steel plate base?
A  The tube is secured via 4 stainless steel screws that are screwed into the plate.

Q  Will the steel plate bases rust?
A  All steel plate bases are primed with anti rust coating to prevent rust.

Q  What is the benefit of the rubber feet on the bottom of the base?
A  The protective rubber feet prevent the metal base from touching the surface of the patio.