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Tumbleweed All Purpose Rub 16oz


Tumbleweed All Purpose Rub

Pitmaster’s Notes

The favourite of the bunch, this blend has less salt than the other rubs.  It was designed with 2 goals – Firstly, to work very well on all 4 competition meats and to utilize for a Ribfest & Catering businesses.  Secondly, it needed to score with BBQ judges.  Recipe refinements began in 2013 and the commercial recipe (right from the co-packer) was used on all 4 meats during our 2015 competition season – with great success!


Flavour that rolls across your tongue! This spice rub is the perfect blend of flavours, a tried-and-true recipe that has won countless awards for us. It’s the most versatile rub we offer, good on anything such as poultry, pork, and brisket. It’s our favourite popcorn topping too!

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