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Sticky Fixx BBQ Sauce

Designed to keep a rockin’ girlfriend happy while she tasted the early (and questionable) attempts at smoked meat, this sauce has been both the saviour of many meals as well as the final touch of some amazing meals including multiple First place Chicken Awards on the BBQ competition circuit.

Recommended use: Glaze your meat for the final 8-12 minutes of cook for that competition shine. (We don’t think any less of you though if you glob on tons!)

Ketchup, Maple Syrup, Brown Sugar, Onion & Garlic Powder, Chipotle Powder, Celery Seed, Pepper, Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, Liquid Smoke, Cinnamon, Worcestershire & Margarine. We recommend it for Pork & Chicken, but people have been know to love it on everything!