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Premium Counter Top Installed Oven Cover Marinara (Large)


Please allow 1-2 weeks for your cover to arrive.

Premium Single Chamber Oven Cover

Protect your single-chambered Margherita, Mangiafuoco, or Marinara oven from the elements with the Premium Single Chamber Oven Cover. This new cover is designed to protect your oven from scratches and moisture. The cover's triple layered fabric & proprietary ventilation system keep moisture from getting in while simultaneously preventing condensation from forming underneath to ensure your oven remains dry in any climate. It will not melt in the heat or crack in the cold. The cover's outer layer of fabric is dyed all the way providing a fade resistant outer layer which means your cover will maintain a consistent exterior color as time goes on. The cover's inner layer is made using a soft velvet like fabric so as not to scratch your oven. The cover's middle layer utilizes a proprietary shield membrane that lets vapor escape while keeping all other moisture out. Additionally, the click-close hem cord and nylon strap clip system secure your cover to the base of oven on windy days.