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Peachy Peach Habanero Rib Candy


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The Original Rib Candy can’t be matched! It is a rib sauce that appeals to all your senses. It creates a beautiful candy like glaze for your eyes. A perfect blend of sweet and heat for your palate. And the aroma will make your neighbors crazy-jealous!

Rib Candy is really easy to use, just open and apply. You can also mix it with your favorite BBQ sauce like lots of successful BBQ competition teams choose to do.

Rib Candy comes in a variety of natural flavors and heat levels (2x, regular, and all sweet). Try one or try them all. If you are a poultry fan, consider our Bird Bath. It has a similar consistency, as well as the perfect blend of sweet and heat. We are sure you will find a favorite. Make it part of your grilling/cooking arsenal!


17 oz NET WT.

Pies and cobblers come to mind when one thinks of this tasty fruit. While people generally eat peaches fresh, using them in baking and cooking has been happening for centuries.

We have reinvented the way you can use this sweet fruit in your baking and certainly in your BBQ. Right out of the bottle, simply drizzle this over your ribs as a glaze, and boom…you’re a winner!

Our Rib Candy™ is a very unique sauce and this flavor has a sweet peach taste and a wonderful hint of habanero heat. Unlike other sauces and glazes on the market, ours is made from REAL peach juice giving it its’ authentic flavor.

We are often asked how to use Rib Candy. The possibilities are endless.

Try some today with your chicken, pork loin, and turkey recipes.