Flavorizer Bars 2
Flavorizer Bars 2

Flavorizer Bars 2

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Flavorizer Bars

Built for *most Spirit 300 series, Spirit 700, Weber 900, and Genesis grills: Silver B/C, *most Gold B/C, and *most Platinum B/C grills.

Fits: Spirit 300 series (with side-mounted control panel), Spirit 700, Genesis® Silver B/C, Genesis® Gold B/C (2002 and newer models), Genesis® Platinum B/C (2005 model year), and Weber® 900 gas grills

Item #7536

• Porcelain-enameled
• Catch drippings that smoke and sizzle,
adding a smoky flavor to food
• Set of five bars
• Fits Spirit 300 series gas grills (with
side-mounted control panel)