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Draft Door



Replacement Draft Door for all EGG sizes.

Stainless Steel Draft Door Kit
Draft Door w/Screen for 2XLarge and XLarge EGGs – 103093
Draft Door w/Screen for Large and Medium EGGs – 103086
Draft Door w/Screen for Small, MiniMax and Mini EGGs – 201331

For Mesh Screen Only & Draft Door Tips only, please contact your local Wicker Land Patio

Mesh Screen for a Stainless Steel Draft Door
Mesh Panel for Draft Door for XXLarge and XLarge Draft Doors – 104069
Mesh Panel for Large and Medium Draft Doors – 104045
Mesh Panel for Small, MiniMax and Mini Draft Doors – 104052

Draft Door Tips (Set of 4)
Draft Door Tips for XXLarge and XLarge – 115195
Draft Door Tips for Large and Medium – 115188
Draft Door Tips for Small, MiniMax and Mini – 115171