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1000W Portable Power Pack


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Take the POWER with you!

No gas. No fumes. No noise. No hassle. Just safe, quiet, convenient, stable, long-lasting power.

Great for camping, hunting, fishing, boating, picnics, cottage, emergencies, outdoor parties, home power backup, remote power needs and more. Charge and/or power notebooks, smart phones, tablets, fans, drones, cameras, lights, TV, GPS, game consoles, car batteries, small appliances, mini refrigerator, etc.

The perfect solution for emergency backup power! When that storm knocks out your power, you can keep your devices going for hours. Don't be left in the dark: power your light fixtures. Keep the food from spoiling in your fridge or freezer. Stay in touch by powering your radio, tv set, and phones. Pass the time by powering your game consoles, dvd, bluray players, laptop, etc. It's quiet and safe, and unlike gas-powered generators, you can use it indoors.

  • Equipped with 12V DC, 5V USB, and 120V AC receptacles to handle up to 1000W of load.
  • Large 273Ah (983Wh) capacity in a portable form factor.
  • Based on rechargeable lithium ion technology with 1000 battery cycles for long life.
  • LCD display clearly shows charging status.
  • Pure sine wave inverter for smooth, stable power.
  • Charge and power safely with short circuit, over-charge, over-heat, over-discharge, and over-voltage protection.
  • Charge the power pack in 5.5 to 7 hours with the provided AC adapter. Or use an optional car charger. Or go completely off-grid with an optional solar panel!
  • Rugged aluminum alloy body.