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The J. Christopher HOT Rub


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The HOT Rub. We're talkin' HOT!! 🔥🔥

You asked and here it is, a truly hot version of our Original blend THE RUB. We'll take care of that burnin' yernin' for you - and get your heat on... This rub will light you up!

This blend is #Keto friendly, ONLY 2% Salt, packed with tons of flavor! NO-MSG, all natural, and oh so tasty & HOT. Utilizing 35,000 scovil cayenne pepper, it is balanced, full flavor, and not overpowering.

Low in Salt means versatility. It's always great on BBQ, but this spice rub works on almost anything! Use it on Fish, Chicken, Beef, Veggies ! Works great as a topper on Eggs, Salads, Popcorn, Chips, even Ice Cream.