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Storage Chest Cover - KV34215


Why entrust KoverRoos® with the protection of your high quality storage chest? In material, design, and construction, our outdoor furniture covers are simply the best on the market. Outdoor furniture covers need to breathe so that moisture can escape, keeping mold and mildew from developing under the cover. Koverroos® use technologically advanced materials that are one-way breathable - moisture leaves, but dust and dirt can't get in. Koverroos® covers are stronger than most vinyl covers, yet light weight. This means our covers are easy to use - no struggling to get them on and off. Also, these patio furniture covers are able to handle temperatures from -100 degrees Fahrenheit up to +240 degrees. The DuPont™ Tyvek® Cushion Storage Chest Cover is appropriate for most weather conditions. DuPont™ 


Attachment: Drawstring, Velcro and U shaped hook/bungee system (Set of 4)
Storage Pouch Included
Patented Design
Easy to fold and Store
One-way breathable
Limited Warranty: 7 Years (more details)


This is a custom cover.  Custom ordered from the California, please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping from Koverroos to Wicker Land Patio and then to your home.