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Reflective Fire Glass 1/2" Copper 10lb

What is Fire Glass?

Fire Glass is made from tempered glass and manufactured to withstand harsh weather and extreme temperatures without sustaining any damage or discoloration. It also does not emit any harmful chemicals, smoke, soot, or ash.

Fire Glass, also commonly known as fireplace glass or fire pit glass, can be used in fireplaces & fire pits both indoor & outdoor, in landscaping, aquariums, & even in art projects! The maintenance is also little-to-none with just a simple rinse of a 50:50 water/vinegar mix.

Fire Glass is not just beautiful to look at, it’s also extremely practical. Use Fire Glass to cover the entire floor of the fire feature to hide any unseemly pies or tubes that are often visible in gas fireplaces & fire pits. We recommend to completely cover your burner and then add about 1-2 inches of fire glass on top of that.

Half-Inch Premium Fire Glass

The delicate shining process behind our premium fire glass results in each individual piece containing a smooth, flat reflective side that works almost like a mirror, allowing each piece to twinkle in the flames of the fire and in turn makes the glass almost as much of a spectacle as the flames themselves. Fire glass does not only look amazing at night under the flames of a fire, but during the day as well.

As soon as the sun rises, its rays reflect off the glossy sides of the glass and permit an entrancing spectacle at any time of any day.

Since ½” fire glass is thicker than its ¼” counterpart, the product holds the upper hand of being more efficiently used with propane because the lower density level allows for propane to more easily flow for a longer amount of time than with ¼” fire glass. Because of this feat, ½” fire glass is more commonly used in outdoor fire pits, but don’t think that’s the only place it can work well!