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Northfire Inferno Heat Resistant Grilling Gloves


The NorthFire heat resistant grilling gloves can be exposed to heat up to 932°F (500°C). With the Aramid and heat resistant fibers the gloves are made of, your gloves will not melt or soften when exposed to the high temperatures of the Inferno, making these the most durable materials to use when grilling with this unit. These materials are also lightweight, cut-resistant, and resistant to absorption. There is also a cotton lining on the inside of the gloves, so your hands will be comfortable and won’t sweat from inside the glove. The unique five-finger design makes it easy to grab grilling tools and cooking utensils, compared to conventional oven mitts. These gloves come in one size and are flexible enough to roll down to cover your wrist, which is usually exposed when grilling. 


Please be warned that these gloves do not provide permanent protection against fire or heat, and these gloves are not suitable for hot liquids or hot gases. Do not use if the gloves are wet and you should check for damage or tears before use.