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Kosmos Q Wood Fired Chicken Injection


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Transform that ordinary grilled poultry into a juicy explosion of smoky-sweet savoriness that you had never before imagined could possible; say goodbye to dry and chewy thighs and breasts that require a gulp of water just to get down your gullet. Just mix the seasoning with water, inject into a few different spots, and be amazed as every single bite practically drips with the flavors of garlic, onion, brown sugar and our signature smoked secret-spice blend. If you take your meat seriously, then it's time you seriously considered taking your chicken to the next level. For a taste that needs no correction, there's only Kosmo Q's Wood Fire Injection!

  • Enough for 6-8 Chickens
  • Inject Moisture & Flavor
  • No Staining or Pooling
  • Mixes in Seconds
  • Made In America
  • Un-matched Quality


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