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Jealous Devil - Blox Premium Fire Logs

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How do you make firewood better? 

Compress the hell out of it. Blox are placed under incredible pressure and heated to provide 30-50% more power than firewood to produce an incredibly long burn that exceeds 1500 degrees!


Whether you're making s'mores in the backyard, roasting hot dogs over the campfire, baking pizzas, cooking on a wood-burning grill, you need fire wood that burns hot and burns long. Use the Jealous Devil Blox Natural Hardwood Fire Logs for that long-lasting, efficient, and clean burn you need for tasty outdoor cooking. With this firewood package, you'll get 12 logs. The fire logs will arrive shrink-wrapped, which protects them from damage during transit. These firewood logs are great for campfires, backyard firepits, and wood-burning pizza ovens, grills, ovens, and stoves.


They are made of 100-percent, all-natural hickory and oak woods. These hardwood fire logs are compressed to minimize air, gaps, and splinters. Compressed firewood logs won't spark or pop and produce very little smoke and ash. Their compact shape makes them easy to stack and store. Unlike the twigs or logs you might find in your backyard or near your campsite, these fire logs are resistant to rot and bugs so they'll last longer. Burn cleaner, more efficient firewood with the Jealous Devil Blox Natural Hardwood Fire Logs.


Burning Charcoal indoors can give off Carbon Monoxide do not burn inside

Brûler du Charbon de bois à l'interieur peut vous tuer