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Chimney Starter & Portable Grill - The Incinerator


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The quickest way to blazing charcoal or briquettes and the beauty and taste of charcoal BBQ starts with this simple tool. Every BBQ enthusiast requires this simple tool, the Incinerator Chimney Starter & Portable Grill, is the best easiest way to get to BBQ and start cooking tremendous food.

  • Precision laser cut 1/4 inch thick carbon steel grids
  • Constructed from laser cut 11 gauge structural steel plate
  • Holds up to 10 lbs of coal
  • Can be used as a charcoal starter, portable camping stove and barbecue
  • Light up quickly, burn like hellfire
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Ceramic and silicone based paint resistant up to 1200 ° F
  • Extreme construction for intensive use