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7' x 5.5' - Indoor/Outdoor Bamboo Blind


Bamboo Blinds are a beautiful natural all weather product, amazing for shade, privacy or aesthetic.  Give your indoor or outdoor space a natural, warm appeal, while giving you a cooler area if being shaded from the sun.


  • Each Bamboo blind includes the hardware necessary to mount unit to the hanging fixture by method of screw hooks.  The screw hooks simply screw into the hanging structure or surface, and these secure directly to fixtures attached to each blind.  The wider the blind, the more places to secure there are, for a better secured hanging blind.


Add instant texture to your interior design with the Premium Plus Woven Bamboo Blind Shades. These blinds come in a beautiful "Tortoise Shell" natural pattern, giving you all the size options to customize and create your ideal window or privacy coverings.


  • Mounting Hardware included
  • Bamboo is very weather resistant, but not weather proof.  Bamboo's natural properties make it a great product to be used for both sun fade resistance as well as weather resistance.
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects

Tortoise Shell Appearance

  • The "Tortoise Shell" look describes the blinds natural bamboo material, no blind is the exact same in appearance as bamboo is a natural product.  This calming pattern does blend nicely if using multiple blinds, and does not look out of place matching to other existing aesthetic. 

Available Sizes

  • 2' Wide with a drop of 6' (Feet)
  • 3' Wide with a drop of 6' (Feet)
  • 4' Wide with a drop of 6' (Feet)
  • 4' Wide with a drop of 8' (Feet)
  • 5' Wide with a drop of 6' (Feet)
  • 6' Wide with a drop of 6' (Feet)
  • 7' Wide with a drop of 6' (Feet)
  • 8' Wide with a drop of 6' (Feet)


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