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Springbok Braai Lump Charcoal (8.8lbs)

Our Charcoal

Acacia BBQ charcoal is a product of HB’s Premium Char Imports Ltd. The charcoal we import is the result of a lot of blood, sweat and tears. We have searched all over Southern Africa to find producers that would bring the “braai” (BBQ) experience of Africa to North America.  It needed to be sustainable and to consider the socio-economic issues of Africa as well. We wanted charcoal that will bring the heat of Africa to North America.  

Acacia BBQ lump charcoal is a great, unique product made from a blend of the finest hardwoods from Africa, such as:

  • Black Thorn (Acacia mellifera)

  • Red Thorn (Acacia reficiens)

  • Umbrella Thorn (Acacia tortillis) 

  • Mopane (Colosphernum mop)

  • Lowfeld Cluster Leaf (Terminalia prunioides)

  • Wild Teak (Pterocarpus angolensi) (only trees that died naturally and have no economic timber value are used)

These are fine grained hardwoods with a very high density.  Oak and Maple typically weigh between 600 to 750 kg/m³, while Acacia weighs in the vicinity of 1,100 kg/m³ and Mopane 1,200 kg/m³.  Our charcoal contains a high percentage of Mopane.

The Acacia trees are known to Southern African nations as invader bush because of their invasive nature, and therefore require removal to benefit the land.  With their very shallow root base, they soak up the moisture from the soil.  It also grows quickly, allowing it to survive in arid conditions. Acacia trees have thorns and cattle have trouble in grazing of these trees.  It forms impenetrable clusters as it grows and pushes the grass for grazing out of existence. Other agricultural activities also benefit the management of invader bush.  There have been initiatives from Governments to remove invader bush and allow grassland creatures to survive.

Acacia- and Mopane trees are great for charcoal production because of its density.

It has a high carbon content, with very low moisture content and therefore delivers a charcoal of premium quality that:

Heats quickly.

Has a low smoke and spark heat development.Burns longer and hotter.

Produces less ash.

Requires less charcoal and smaller chunks than needed with lower density woods.

Creates a finished product of evenly grilled food with a natural smoked taste.

This product will ship from one of our three locations in 1-3 business days.